Top 5 Indonesia Exports To The World

Indonesia, as we all know is one of the most populous nations in the world, coupled with a territory that consists of an estimated 17000 different islands. Moreover, the country is known to be rich in many natural resources as well as other products. Since the seventh century, it has been a thriving hub for trade purposes and today, it is a rapidly growing nation in Southeast Asia. As such, in this article, we would share some of the items and products that Indonesia is best known for when it comes to exporting to the rest of the world.  For more articles by Kargo click here.

The list goes from the exports that bring the most value to the least

Number One: Oil, Fuel and all forms of oil related products

Indonesia has large amounts of oil reserves and it is currently ranked as the 24th top oil producing country in the world, according to Indonesa Investments. However, oil production levels in Indonesia have plummeted over the years  due to a lack of investments in the sector. As such, Indonesia has resorted to importing thousands of barrels a day to meet the needs of rapidly growing population. Despite the decrease, oil related exports have resulted to approximately more than 25% in Indonesia’s total exports

Number Two: Electronics and Home Appliances

The Electronics and Appliances sector in Indonesia accounts to close to 7% of all its exports.  In the recent years, Indonesia has established itself as a manufacturing hub. Many international brands such as Panasonic, Sony and Toshiba have moved their productions to Indonesia due to its affordable cost of production rates. Therefore, through such companies, there has been exports to the rest of the world from Indonesia.

Number Three: Gems and Precious Metals

Gems as well as other precious metals contribute to about 5% of the total Indonesian exports. The industry is said to be growing where last year in 2016, there have been reports of a 194% increase in terms of exports. Indonesian gemstones are commonly sold as souvenirs to tourists in Bali as well as in Java. A reason why Indonesia has lots of gems and precious metals is because of the presence of volcanic soil all across the country.

Number Four: Cars and Other Motor Vehicles

Vehicle Exports from Indonesia are currently at a modest 4% of the total exports from Indonesia. However, the numbers are expected to grow in the coming years, according to the Indonesian Automotive Industry Association. Indonesia exports most of its cars to other other countries in the Southeast Asian region. Toyota and Daihatsu are the biggest exporters from Indonesia.

Number Five: Rubber and Related Products

Indonesia is one of the largest producers of  rubber as well as the largest exporters for natural rubber. Rubber tree plantations can be found in the regions of Sumatra as well as Kalimantan. Indonesia produces about 3 million tonnes of rubber and exports slightly more than 2 million tonnes each year on average, where it caters to the global demand. It is  said the Southeast Asian countries like Thailand and Indonesia account for close to 70 percent of all rubber worldwide

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