Traditional Logistics Steps


The traditional logistics market functions are a long, complicated chain of communication channels and delegation.

Below is a short explanation of how it works;


Call center

  • A call center of a large scale company will normally take the basic information about the delivery from the customer. This will consist of origin, destination, type of goods, name, contact information, and date of shipment.


  • The manager will normally have a large array of contacts to call so that they can organised the vehicle driver’s to be there on time, and on the right day. This will also consist of additional labor if needed, packaging, or any special conditions. A confirmation of the order details will be through a phone call to the customer to ensure that the goods are ready to go. If it is a relocation service, the manager or agent will be sent to the customers house to check the goods and measure out size, weight and dimensions of the household goods.


  • On the shipment date, the goods will be loaded into the truck and packed by the vendor.


  • For import and export, warehouse storage is very common. This will consist of the goods being held in the warehouse to protect them from the natural elements or theft. Normally after customs, this step may cause additional costs if the goods need to be held longer.


  • The delivery goods are assorted into particular areas so that the route is optimised per truck. This is an important step because if the goods are sorted incorrectly, it could add serious additional lead time to the goods.


  • All the packages are weighed. This process is important to the limited weight to the vehicle. All trucks or transport modes have maximum tare weight and carrying weight. If this is exceeded then the logistics company may be fined.


  • The goods are assessed by a person or by forms of technology. This is were the shipment is scanned by x-rays or scanning devices to address if they are malicious, dangerous or illegal.


  • The goods are loaded onto the truck and ordered in accordance of location.


  • The shipment is taken by the driver to the locations of package(s). If the truck has multiple drop off points it is very important for the goods to be assorted accordingly and ordered to create maximum efficiency.


  • The driver gets the goods to the door of the location for each package or parcels.


Traditional vs Technology 

This traditional logistics process has worked for many years, and can be seen as effective in the time of pre-technological era. With the movement towards e-commerce and in-demand logistics the process has to be minimized and fast.

E-commerce has been a revolution in the logistics industry and with that, in-demand, efficiency logistics has been born. Kargo has been a prime example of being born into the tech era, with automation being key.

Automated steps from the order process, through to security PIN’s for the deliver order can be seen as basic steps to reduce inefficient communication channels and slow logistics.

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