Truck Rental Indonesia: Mitsubishi Colt Diesel and FUSO

Truck rental is becoming increasingly popular for the moving of large goods from one city to another. It is often used by businesses to move their products or by individuals who just need to move all their items with a truck as it is more convenient for them, usually for house moving purposes. In a country like Indonesia with more than 17,000 islands spanning across Southeast Asia, it is good to know about the various trucks available in the Indonesian Logistics Industry, especially if you are an expat from a foreign country.

Over the next week, Kargo would be introducing some of most popular truck models that are currently in use in the Indonesian Logistics Industry in 2017. In today’s article, we would be covering the ‘Mitsubishi Colt Diesel’ model as well as the ‘ Mitsubishi FUSO’ model. Let’s get started!

Mitsubishi Colt Diesel

The Colt Diesel, also known as Truk Colt Diesel in Bahasa Indonesia has a space of 12 Cubic Metres (CBM) with its double box (Dobel box in Bahasa Indonesia).  Its dimensions are 4.2m x 2.0m x 1.6m. As such, making it a rather large sized truck. Furthermore, the Colt Diesel could hold up to FOUR TONNES in weight! Therefore, if you are looking for a truck that could contain some of the heaviest of your goods, the Mitsubishi Colt Diesel Model is sure to help you make that move. This is a popular choice among Kargo customers who would often use the massive truck to move their goods.

Mitsubishi FUSO

Another popular choice of truck among Indonesians for their logistics needs is Mitsubishi’s FUSO model. You may be amazed by how large the Colt Diesel model is, but that is just the beginning! Mitsubishi FUSO, as offered by Kargo can contain up to to 25 CBM of goods. This, is actually more than double the size of the Colt Diesel’s Double Box. Furthermore, FUSO has a dimension of 5.7m x 2.3m x 2.4m, as such making its total weight capacity to exceed the weight capacity of the Mitsubishi Colt Diesel. The Mitsubishi FUSO can hold to up to a whopping SEVEN TONNES in weight. To give you a better perspective, seven tonnes is also the weight of a Tyrannosaurus Rex (T- Rex). As such, if you need to send large goods on behalf of your business to another city in Indonesia, the Mitsubishi FUSO is highly recommended to move large sized goods which are also of high volume.

Kargo has about ten different types of trucks available for individuals as well as businesses to rent for the purpose of sending their goods to another city in Indonesia. Over the next week, we would be covering the details of each type of truck we have to offer. If you need to make an inter city shipment for your goods, we can help you find the most affordable logistics provider in Indonesia as we have offer 400 vendors registered on our online platform. For more information, click here

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