What Should Expats Do After Landing in Jakarta Indonesia

Expats, you may be wondering as to what you can and should do upon reaching Jakarta. Congratulations on choosing to move to Indonesia and we hope that you would enjoy and make the most of your time while you are in Indonesia. In this article, we would recommend the various things you should do during the first few weeks upon reaching Jakarta.

On a side note, we recommend you to explore different cities and regions in Indonesia as there is so much more in the Indonesian archipelago. For useful articles in relation to life in Indonesia as well as expats, click here.


Learn about the working and living conditions there and see if you get accustomed to it. You should do your homework before coming so as to understand more about the country (We recommend reading this) Understand where the nearest amenities are, see if the workplace and schools are of acceptable standards.

Go to the nearest Bookstore (Such as Kinokuniya or Periplus) to purchase books in relation to the local culture and lifestyle. Books related to learning the language, the practices and traditions, as well as getting a book that would teach you to live in Jakarta would be helpful.


Explore the neighbourhoods across the city if you have yet to purchase a home to live in. There are many neighbourhoods throughout Jakarta which are extremely popular for expat communities. Depending on the budget as well as the type of living you seek for, there is definitely a place for you. Click here to see which are the popular neightbourhoods.

We know that traffic in Jakarta is unbearable, but you have to learn how to live with it. For a start, take a test drive to evaluate the time taken to and from your workplace, your children’s school etc. This would give you a proper first hand experience as to commuting in Jakarta.

If you are not going to drive in Jakarta, you could grab a BlueBird or SilverBird taxi during your stay there. The drivers are well versed in the various places in Jakarta so they would definitely bring you to the right place. On the other hand, you could also try Grab or Uber  car hailing services, which are immensely popular in Jakarta and are said to be more affordable than a ride with a BlueBird or SilverBird. The apps also have motorbike options, which would allow you to reach faster than taking a car.


Join the various communities for expats in Indonesia and make new contacts! They would help you transition to your new life faster. Also, seek for community or sports organisations to be a part of while you are there. The work life balance in Jakarta would allow you to attend their events at least a few times each year!

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