Which Is The Best Truck Size For You

How does a person know what sort or size truck to use? 

With so many different options it may be hard to decide.

The measurement of your goods can often vary depending on what form of measurement is being used. Understanding these measurements will allow for the customer and the pricing to be transparent and trustworthy.

Weight Refers to Total Capacity

  • Gross Weight; This is the total amount of the product without the packaging, container, or exterior objects.
  • Net Weight; Including the items weight plus the tare weight (the packaging or exterior weight)
  • This Weight will often be calculated into Tonnage.
  • 1 Tonne= 1000kg

Cubic Meters Refers to Dimensions/Size

  • This calculation can be estimated by using the Dimensions of the goods, which will be Length, Width, and Height of the product.
  • Total Cubic Metres (CBM)= Length x Width x Height

Basic Measurement Tips

  • Measure twice, move once. Make sure that you have the right figures. Double check if you have to!
  • Make sure to measure to the widest, highest, and widest parts. This can be a movers nightmare when a order has been measured and the foot of a cupboard has not been included and it has to be laid down instead of stood.
  • any round objects, measure to the widest point and assume its a square. This will ensure that it will fit in an area. May be inefficient to stack but the shippers can organise this area.
  • If legs are removable on any sort of table, try and remove them. This will reduce width and legs can be stored in a smaller area.
  • Measure your door ways before you try and move an item out. Some doors will need to be taken off or a object may need to be taken apart to make it fit.
  • If you are the slightest bit unsure, always over-estimate. Ensuring that it will fit and also making sure that combined all your goods will fit in the capacity of a truck.

Truck Size

Above is a comprehensive info-graphic to the various different size trucks that are found in Indonesia. This shows the Dimensions, Size, Maximum Capacity, and for kargo.co.id Rental Prices.

To ensure that on moving day the truck is big and wide and high enough for all your goods, make sure to measure and check with the vendor about particular items.

Fragile items like chandeliers and glass tables may need to be put in cardboard boxes and could take up additional room.

There are many resources on both the internet and in person if needed;

  • CBM calculators will help you decided what sort of measurements work best.
  • Infographic’s about sizes of trucks (as seen above) or also for planes and ships (Shipping Containers are the same as Container 40ft dimensions, as seen above)
  • Experts at kargo.co.id that can help you understand what sort of packing is needed and measurements would be best.
  • Expert housing removalist’s to ensure that will be able to move pretty much any object thinkable! They will be able to measure large objects or estimate the weight within seconds.

Kargo.co.id are always here to help and are always trying to make our pricing and estimations more transparent.

If you have good that need measuring or shipping, check out Kargo.co.id/en/ 


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