Why You Should Book Kargo For Home and Office Moving Services

Moving from one city to another is a mundane yet tedious process, especially in a country like Indonesia. Often enough, there needs to be a lot of planning, sorting, packing and countless of other things to do before you could move from your current home or office. Having a reliable mover makes the process far more simple and of course less stressful. As such, Kargo would be sharing a much more deeper insight as to  why you should initiate our moving services for your homes and offices. This is a continuation of our previous article which could read about over here before continuing with this article

From Sumatera to Papua, we cover the whole of Indonesia as we have more than 400 logistics companies on board our online platform. Our door to door service would provide you with the convenience of collecting and delivering the goods at your doorstep.

In this article, we would be sharing as to how our unique online platform works and also how it could benefit you or your business when it comes to moving services.

What does Kargo Do?

We like to call ourselves the ‘Uber for logistics’. What we seek to do is connect the logistic service providers,which we call ‘vendors’ with the people and businesses that are seeking out such services.  Currently, we have more than 400 vendors on our platform. So, instead of finding individual companies through searches or word of mouth, they could just key in the key information with regards to what they wish to ship and we would find a vendor that could perform the shipment. Typically, it takes about 12 days to confirm such services in Indonesia. However with Kargo, we shorten the process to just about a day.

The best way to move your goods

Why Choose Us?

Traditionally in Indonesia, a vast majority of the logistics service providers lag behind in terms of technology. Features like online booking and real time tracking services are considered as uncommon. Another reason is as mentioned above, where the confirmation for shipment takes much longer for many of these traditional process. As such, Kargo has the edge over logistics companies that do not make use of the technological features.


We also provide Insurance coverage for the transportation of your goods when moving house or office.When filling in the booking form, you could check the box that indicates ‘asuransi’. Not many logistics companies in Indonesia offer such an option for their shipments.

Coverage and Convenience

With Kargo, you could easily find a logistics vendor that could move your home or office to another Indonesian city as we have vendors all across the Indonesian archipelago. This therefore makes it extremely easy and convenient for customers to make a booking as we have available fleet all over Indonesia due to our partnerships with 400 vendors.

All in all, with our use of technology, efficiency, wide  area coverage and insurance, Kargo certainly has an edge over the rest of the players in the field.

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