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Founded in 2018, Kargo is transforming Indonesia’s US$ 250 billion logistics industry. At about 25% of the nation’s GDP, Indonesia’s logistics cost is among the world’s highest. Trucks move everything, yet billions of kilometers are driven empty, and the whole supply chain largely depends on phone calls and paper. We’re passionate about moving Indonesia forward by revolutionising this industry with technology. Are you ready for the challenge?



Customer Obsessed

Customers are at the heart of Kargo. Everything we do is to improve the lives of our shippers, transporters, and drivers. The smiles on their faces are our greatest reward.


First Principles Thinker

Problems are similar with icebergs—it is hard to uncover the whole picture at first glance. We get to the root of every problem, ask tough questions, and never jump to conclusions


Let the Best Ideas Win

Have you ever sat in a meeting with co-founders and leaders, hearing their ideas while thinking “there are better ways to do this?” At Kargo, we make these ideas a reality. Everyone is empowered to speak up... and may the best idea win.


Act Like an Owner

We are a fast-moving startup with no time for hierarchy. When we see a problem, we own it, and fix it.


Do More with Less

We are effective and efficient. We solve problems with the least possible effort and with the most possible outcome.


Big Bold Bets

Our vision is to revolutionise logistics. That can only happen by reimagining the possible without being constrained by the status quo.

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