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Nikmati kemudahan pengiriman dan logistik dengan solusi SaaS terkini–dari pemantauan pengiriman dan pelacakan langsung hingga evaluasi kinerja dan sistem analisis.

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Powered by Technology

From manual processes to digital solutions, we make shipments faster, secure, and efficient using only the most sophisticated software.

Enabling Visibility

Get a closer look into day-to-day operations through real-time tracking and a bird's-eye view of the fulfillment performance.

Friction-free Procurement

Empower your procurement process with ease of sourcing, benchmarking prices, and enabling them to reduce logistics costs.

Efficiency & Optimization

Driving logistics forward is the endgame. With our analytics dashboard, track your daily activities and generate insightful reports with a few quick clicks.

Our Services


Shipper Solution

KargoNexus for Shippers

Easily manage your shipments and vendors across the supply chain based on your business needs, all in one

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Vendor Solution

Coming Soon

KargoNexus for Vendors

Operating and maintaining your truck fleets has never been this easy and efficient.

Driver Solution

Coming Soon

KargoNexus for Drivers

Check all of the shipment order details and your stream of income directly from your phone.

KargoNexus Features

Real Business Impact

Increase in visibility and control compared to legacy systems and processes
Reduction in manual calls to multiple vendors
Increase in productivity
Minutes saved per day from managing shipments manually
Cities served within Indonesia, and counting
Total shipping weight (in tons) transported via KargoNexus

What Our Partners Say

With KargoNexus, we don’t have to go through the painful process of manually chasing trucking companies by phone or email for shipment fulfillment or request updates, as everything is now supported. Also, kudos to the smooth user experience!
Muhammad Riefqi
Muhammad RiefqiCycles & Procurement Manager, Danone Indonesia
With the Kargo Driver App, the process of coordinating Delivery Orders is much easier.
Pak Riwayan Agustin
Pak Riwayan AgustinDriver, YPS Winongan
Kargo’s solutions allow us to turn the available data nto reports that give valuable insights on shipment or vendor performance.
Rama Renspandy
Rama Renspandy Primary Deployment Manager, Danone Indonesia
Adopting the services was something new to us at the beginning, but the app continuously proved itself to be essential in our line of work. It’s simply amazing.
Pak Doni
Pak Doni Driver, YPS Winongan
Good response and helpful service from Kargo team, as always!
Pak Tjipto
Pak Tjipto Transporter, Yuda Pratama Sejati
Cargo handling becomes effortless, from loading and unloading to creating Delivery Orders. Scheduling for the next day is even possible within a few taps.
Pak Tri Hutadi
Pak Tri Hutadi Driver, YPS Winongan

Silicon Valley Experience with Local Know-How

Armed with the expertise of our seasoned professionals, we are committed to becoming Indonesia’s digital logistics powerhouse.

Users First. Always.

Our customers are at the heart of what we do. Providing the best user experience through rigorous testing is just the beginning.

Services You Can Count On

Marketplace of vetted transporters. Competitive prices. A team of experts at your service. There’s no limit to the ways we support your business needs.

Seamless API Integration

Top notch technology to plug and play with any ERP software used by Shippers—on-demand connection, booking creation and confirmation, plus shipment status viewing.

Ready for a stronghold?

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