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8 thousand ++

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Kargo is fully committed to ensure your shipments arrive on time, safe and sound. We also offer FREE insurance up to IDR 20,000,000,- to cover for any damages to your goods.

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Kargo offers a variation of trucks with a competitive rate in order to fulfill all your logistic needs.

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Here at Kargo, we are ready to confirm your order within 2 hours*.

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Kargo's verified vendors are experienced in fulfilling various types of shipments.

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We assure that the price that is shown at the beginning is the price that you have to pay. You can choose to pay upfront or after the goods has successfully arrived.

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Frequently Asked Questions

You can order your truck now via Kargo's website, Kargo's Shipper App, or by directly contacting us through our Customer Service team.

If you have any doubts regarding truck types that will suit your shipment, Kargo's Customer Service team can help and consult your shipments.

At the moment Kargo caters shipments within Java, Bali and Lampung

Every shipments is provided with free insurance with a maximum load value of Rp 20,000,000,-. Additional paid insurance is also available starting from Rp 20,000,000,-

Every shipment that goes through Kargo Shipper Application can be tracked via app. If you have any further questions regarding your shipment status, Kargo's customer service team are ready to help.

Kargo do not cater shipments for goods that are deemed illegal by law, living creatures, cars, narcotics, valuable loads (money, gold, and jewelry), dangerous or radiactive chemicals.

For a safe and transparent transaction, Kargo only accepts payment via bank transfer. You can choose from a few payment schemes that we offer: 1. 100% Upfront payment 2. Initial down payment Rp 200,000,- (remaining payment can be made after loading) 3. 100% Payment due after goods are loaded 4. 100% Payment after unloading

The price listed are inclusive of fuel fee, driver fee, freight fee (if any), and FREE insurance up to Rp 20,000,000,- of goods value. The price listed exclues toll fees. If you choose a route that requires toll fee, then there will be additional cost.

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