Prohibited cargo


The User acknowledges and agrees that in using Kargo’s services, Website and / or Kargo Application, the User will not ship items categorized as dangerous cargo and / or prohibited items, which include:
1. Money (coins, cash in rupiahs and / or other foreign currencies), securities (checks, demand deposits, bonds, shares, certificates).
2. Narcotics, marijuana, morphins and drugs or substances that are considered as other prohibited objects.
3. Cargo whose life time is less than the estimated transit shipping time.
4. Items that are categorized as dangerous, toxic and flammable materials.
5. Shipment in other liquid form except packaged properly and correctly (by attaching Material Safety Data Sheet) and dangerous cargo statement from Customer).
6. Explosive items, such as weapons and their parts.
7. Items made of glass and glassware (except packaged properly and meet packaging standards and marked "Fragile").